Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Under the Burning Stars by Carrigan Richards

Before I post my review I just want to let y'all know I'm starting a new program this week over on the blog Facebook page https://facebook.com/ElectivelyPaige where I'm going to be featuring a different author each week. This week is the fabulous Carrigan Richards: an amazing author and a really good friend of mine who I actually first talked to because of how much I loved the first book in this series! I have to say, I loved this one even more so I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts on the book! 

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
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About Under the Burning Stars:
 Everyone said it was over. But Ava knew it was just the beginning.

After risking everything and beating the odds to be with the love of her life, Peter, life should be good for Ava. Far from it. An altercation with the humans has left him struggling with his new life as an Enchanter, and Ava can feel him slipping away. Nightmares of her mother's murder haunt her, and leave her grappling with the darkness inside herself. She will stop at nothing to uncover the truth about her mother, even if that truth is more dangerous than anything she's faced before.

After her search for knowledge lands her on the verge of banishment from her coven, Ava must seek forgiveness from everyone and forge her own destiny as the coven faces an onslaught of war.

My Thoughts: 
*Though I received a pre-release review copy of this book for review, I purchased my own Kindle copy. Either way, this in no way affects my thoughts as expressed in this review.*
So, after reading the first book in this series I could not wait to read more! I just knew there was more to the story and was looking forward to seeing where Ava's journey would take us next. 

This book, I have to say, was even better than the first. I was pretty busy around the time I read this, or I would have definitely read this all in one sitting. The book just... flows so well that I honestly was on the edge of my seat just waiting for the next page before I even finished the one I was on. Carrigan Richards has one of those unique voices to her books that truly put you in the story. 

Ava, to me, is an extremely easy character to relate to. Though her actions are sometimes questionable to the other members of her coven, the voice Carrigan created for her just made me feel like in the situations she was in I would do the exact same thing. 

Then, there's the cliffhangers. Let's just say I may have gave my bookish best friend the silent treatment after reading this one. I cannot wait to read book three! If you've read Under A Blood Moon then I recommend you pick up this book right away, you won't regret it. If you haven't read UABM, well, what are you waiting for? Both books are some of the best paranormal books I've read in a while. So, if you are looking for your next great book to get lost in, give these a chance!

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