Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pepe by Robby Charters

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About the Book:
The year is 2020. We have people living on Mars, but haven't sorted out life on earth yet. In an age of robotics and rail-less magnetic trains, life at the bottom is probably worse for the ware.

Pepe doesn't know his true identity but his existence poses a national security threat. He lives in an abandoned construction site with Po, his "sister". President Don Juan Clemente, a quadriplegic, brain linked to massive computer system including killer robots, is poised to destroy any threat to his power, and the hunt is on. Help comes from a young computer hacker named Raul, and an aged mystic named Atsuko, and a few others. But will that be enough to save Pepe?

My Review(4/5 Stars)
Pepe was an action packed ride that I enjoyed from start to finish. Mr. Charters has a way of creating a near future in exquisite detail, and I felt like that really made the story.
 Pepe himself was a really well developed character, and the others were reasonably so. AlthoughI would have liked to learn more about a few of them, it didn't take away from the awesome story. I think this book will definitely appeal to the younger teen crowd, and I always like finding books I can recommend to young teen boys as there is just not a lot in that department lately and I have a younger brother myself. Don't get me wrong though, as a seventeen year old girl myself I enjoyed reading Pepe too. 
Even though it takes place in the future, it reads as sort of ageless which makes the world Robby Charters created all the more interesting. I would certainly read more from him, the way he writes has an almost... what's the right word here... his writing style has an almost soothing tone to it that left me ready to jump right back in every time I put the book down. I think if you were to give Pepe a chance you wouldn't be disappointed! 
* I received this book for review from the author, but this in no way affected my review or opinion.*

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