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Spotlight: Private Air by Billie Bates

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About Private Air:
When Sienna Harris joined the Australian Air Force as a flight attendant for the Prime Minister, she thought she’d hit the glam-job jackpot. But three years of weapons training, outback destinations, and a cheating fighter pilot fiancĂ©, and she’s realized it’s not so fabulous after all. Time to embark on a new adventure, this time to the prestigious world of international VIP aviation. 
Sienna and her best friend leave behind their small-town lives for a glitzy career flight attending on a Saudi prince’s private jet. Money, parties, designer clothes, and exotic locations fill the job description, while the sexy pilot, Ted, makes it hard for Sienna to obey the “no fraternizing” rule. 
But even the most opulent of journeys can hit turbulence. Sienna’s boss, the appearance-obsessed chief stewardess, issues diuretics and Botox with the uniforms and catering orders, and the prince is a man who’s never told no. Underneath its lush appearance, could this desert oasis be more of a muddy puddle? 
The Devil Wears Prada meets Pan Am in this fun frolic to the glamorous side of air travel, inspired by the author’s own experience as a VIP flight attendant in Saudi Arabia and Europe. 

My Thoughts(4.5/5 Stars):
I wasn't quite sure what to expect of Private Air by Billie Bates. The lifestyle certainly has it's appeal, but I've never really entertained any dreams of jetting around the world. However, I was more than happy to put myself in Sierra's shoes and immensely enjoyed this book! 
Sierra didn't really have a lot to lose, she's been estranged from her mother since she was a child, living with her aunt and uncle(whom she's still on good terms with) and joining the Australian Air Force. When her time is up with the Air Force she reluctantly agrees to stay grounded after some convincing from her fiance. That is, until she finds him in the middle of a very compromising situation with a stripper named Arizona. 
Like I said, not a lot to lose. So, when her best friend lets her know about a dream job opening making a whole lot more money working for a Saudi Prince she jumps at the chance. Along the way though, she finds that the glam life may not be so wonderful. 
I absolutely loved this book! Although a lot of the actions the main character takes weren't ones I would make myself in that situation, the book was just so well written that she became very relatable. This book read almost like your favorite guilty pleasure and I read it all in one day. There wasn't a single character without their quirks, and that's what makes this book so, well, perfect! I rarely finish a book and look back and think that every single character in it was memorable, but this one is one of the exceptions. Upon finishing this book I found out that there is going to be a sequel, which I am seriously excited about because there is just so much more to this story that needs to be told. I highly recommend for any and all fans of chick-lit or just a good book that doesn't completely focus on the romance! 
*I received this book for review as part of this blog tour. This, however, in no way affected my opinion or review*

About the Author:
Billie Bates grew up in Australia with unquenchable thirst for travel. After exploring the world as a VIP flight attendant for seven years, she finally settled in the quiet Midwest of the USA, where she now lives with her husband and two children.

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